10 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Opelika

It seems the rainy weather will never end in Opelika. There is nothing worse than having all your summer fun ruined by the weather keeping you trapped inside the house. The kids are restless and you are even thinking about cleaning the house. *gasp* Well put down that broom! All this rain has us thinking of all the fun, indoor activities in Opelika. Dont let the weather ruin your summer! Instead of being stuck inside this week come spend your rainy days in Opelika. Here are 10 ways to spend your rainy days in Opelika:

Start updating your vinyl collection at Almost Anything.

Avoid cleaning the house by shopping the day away at Studio 3:19, Coveted Closet, or Fringe.

Want to day drink with your friends? Of course you do! Bring your friends, your own bottle of wine, and your snacks to Spirited Art and leave with your own painting. Have kids? Bring them along too!

Relax with a cup of coffee and practice your hipster vibe at Side Track Coffee.

Want to wear out your kids? Take them to Surge Trampoline Park where they can jump all day and you can keep dry inside.

What is the best way to spend a rainy day? At the movies. Don’t mess with a classic. Enjoy the latest movies with the family at Tiger Town AMC.

Take a rainy day and make it a spay day! Treat yourself with a day of pampering at Spa One Eighty. *this has to be the “treat yo self” gif from parks and rec*

Let your inner child out at Cyberzone where you can practice your laser tag and video gaming skills with the whole family!

Rent a room at Sing Sing Karoake

Enjoy live music at Eighth and Rail’s Tuesday Jazz Jam! Every Tuesday a different jazz band preforms while other musicians are welcome to join in the jam session on stage. So bring your instruments!

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