40th Anniversary of Norma Rae, Filmed in Opelika

In 1978, Opelika became the co-star in the film Norma Rae. Filmed on location in Opelika and centered on the struggle to bring unions to southern mill workers, the film starred Sally Field in the lead role. Just about everyone that lived in Opelika during that time have great stories about the shooting of a big Hollywood production in our town and casually running into the cast and crew all over town.

The Academy Award winning film celebrates its 40th Anniversary and Opelika Main Street is hosting a screening downtown in Courthouse Square this Friday, September 27.

If you haven’t seen the film, it’s a great opportunity to see a time capsule of Opelika during that time and even learn a little about the Mills that were a big part of the economy during that time. If you have seen the film, come relive the memories of that time.

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